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Software Development

We are developing all kinds of applications, for multiple platforms and web. In short we have made few bussiness applications for Windows (some working on Linux) using latest .NET technology. Our programmers are well versed in multiple languages as C#, C++, ActionScript, JavaScript and others. Much of our realtime multimedia and 3D mapping applications are built in .NET C# code and High Level Shading Language is used for rendering.

Scale Inventory

(This video is not from current app. version, new video showing scale operation and updated ui comming soon)
Scale Inventory is software that uses digital scale (connected onto USB port) for measuring bottles. It calculates amount of liquid in the bottle from its weight. This increases precision and speed for creating bar or restaurant inventories. Application is intented for use in conjuction with bookkeeping software, data is imported and exported using various formats (csv, xml). Application is built to conform to Mono Project specifications thus working on Linux and Windows platforms...

3D Mapping Align Tool

This patch provides full solution for perspective correction, multiple projector overlapping and grid for easy alignment to real world. Perpective correction is fast and has shadow system implemented for invisible parts of object. Grid system also provides mask tool for softening projection edges (for each projector). Patch also provides streaming from Resolume or any other vj-ing software for realtime projeciton mapping (unlike cubix project which is standalone patch).

Other Software (Images and/or videos comming soon)

  • Laboratory
    • Software for patient management. It is connected to blood analysis machine and provides instant finding report generation for specific gender and age. Also it provides manual input for other types of analysis like urin...
  • Pixel Server
    • This is server application that uses plugins for specific server modes. This is intended for use with realtime flash applications where minimal delay and two way communication is required.
  • VVVV Kinect Implementation
    • This is set of .NET nodes for vvvv that gives functionality for Kinect Sensor. Video and depth streaming, skeleton engine and gesture recording and recognition is implemented.
  • VVVV PhysX Implementation
    • Set of nodes for simulating realtime physics. Rigid bodies, cloth, triggers and forces are implemented...